LOL with Taylor Robbins

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Hello lovely people. It is April(duh!) and  its raining here like crazy! This month’s LOL guest is Taylor of Simple Grounds. She is an amazing person whose love for Jesus Christ is absolutely inspiring. I also love the fact that she is a realistic person.I am completely honored to have her here to share  her view of living out loud.

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Hello, lovely readers! I’m Taylor, the writer over at Simple Grounds. I’m a young lady living, working, and experiencing life in Houston, Texas. When I’m not outside or spending time with my incredible boyfriend, I am a hostess and a photographer, as well as a full-time student. I am pursuing my English degree, in hopes to become an English teacher. Got to love grammar, right? I also just recently started an online, vintage shop called Ruth Vintage. You could say I’m a pretty busy lady. I am a simple lady who loves the outdoors, I drink coffee like it’s water, and I love to create, write, and be silly.

When Sophia asked me to share how I live out loud, the first thing that came to my mind was my reckless abandon for my faith. I have never thought about how I am ‘living out loud,’ but I believe my faith is the first thing I talk about and the last thing I want you to remember. As I mentioned, I am constantly doing things. Between essays, vintage clothing, photos, and a job, I am always moving. My one goal is that I am continuously representing my faith, being an active figure for the Gospel, and always encouraging and loving in the process. Without that balance in a chaotic, broken life, I would be meaningless. I would be yet another face to many projects and jobs. Without that abandon to my faith, my dreams would be so selfish and fickle. When I graduated high school and began pursuing my passions and callings, I realized that anything, and I mean anything, not done in love is worthless. Any job, any goal, any creative art is completely worthless without a purpose. And to me, purpose is the essence of living out loud. When you read my blog or visit me at work, I hope my presence yells “purpose.” I hope, in humility, I can be a living example of a life lived for purpose. My biggest role model and image of living this life is Jesus himself. No other model can represent the very essence of purpose like Him. Love God, love others, and be kingdom-minded. In everything I do, this is the goal. With that in mind, this life of living out loud follows. Being courageous, taking risks, having joy and love, it all comes from that childlike faith in loving the Lord.

If you are seeking this, this essence in your life, I can say that nothing greater will come than knowing your Creator. After four years, it has changed my life and I dare not look back.

Have purpose and live with abandon.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThanks Taylor for sharing with RB readers.

Guys be sure to check our Taylor’s inspiration and life filled blog here and her new shop here

April is Here!


So March is over ha! Been a great month though I can’t wait to see what April brings along. Planning on moving(blogwise), exams and defense are around the corner, taking on some major projects and summer is nearing. Feeling excited! ha!

What do you look forward to this April?

I Dont Know What to Name This Post



I have Failed You

in Joys and Sorrows

Letting  Go

Learning to Love

All these were potential titles but in the end I didn’t use any because I really don’t know what to name this post. all these titles describe what is really going on. Read on.

Lately I have been trying(yes trying) to let go of things. Things that tie me down, things that stress me for fairly no reason at all and things I think I should have control over. I have mentioned it before here and here about my personal struggle to let go had having trust issues here.  And earnestly praying (at least I think so), a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. But recently I have noticed a pattern that is growing rapidly in me and I dislike it(hate is too much a strong word to use). I dislike the fact that I turn to my heavenly Father only in time of need. I hate (now this is appropriate!) myself for being this shallow to only call upon his name when I need something in return. I am pretty much sure that this is not what true love is about. True love is when you love in joy and in sorrow, in happiness and in sadness, in sickness and in health and in triumphs and in failures. And obviously, I have terribly failed the test. I feel guilty.  I want to love the Lord wholeheartedly, completely and without reserve because I know his love for me is so much more than even I can comprehend.

And Lord this Wednesday morning, I am asking you humbly to instill in me a heart that loves you and everyone else wholeheartedly but most especially you.



Food Dreams and Beyond


Remember how I said I wanted to be a chef and write a cookbook someday in my about page? Well, I still do. Very much. In fact it is my ultimate dream…among many others of course. Lately I have been having food dreams, like seriously and I just recovered my issuu password (LOL)  and let’s just say that indulging in food magazines is the safest way to put it. I have compiled a list of magazines I have been checking out and boy am I hooked!

What do you think?


I found this quote on pinterest and it caught my interest(obviously!). I sometimes think I have gone through alot  and I cant wait for the best to happen. I  want to know what you think about it.

Have a great week!





Hello people, I stumbled upon this while wandering around the net and I though it would be cool if I answered these questions!

Been contemplating a lot these days! And it is exhausting my brain. Seriously! Point is I answered these and it was refreshing!

So here goes!

READING my research proposal and trying to edit it


LISTENING  to lindsey stirling’s crystalize

THINKING  about  a ton of things

SMELLING  morning fresh air…it rained in the night

WISHING I could take a walk in that forest once more!

HOPING  This project(I can’t disclose yet!) could work out.

WEARING a pink las vegas oversized shirt

LOVING cant answer this now!

WANTING a cup of tea…. its cold

NEEDING food…like right now ha!

FEELING emo (yes I just said wrote that!)

CLICKING  a ton of tabs….seriously!

How is your day so far?

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DIY Bow Head Piece


Hello and Happy(belated)Women’s day to all the lovely and beautiful women out there! Boy have I missed posting a DIY tutorial here! This one was made years(gasp!) back and it is one of my favorite and not to mention the best(bow) I have ever made in my bow making journey(!!).

Here is the link that would best teach you how to make your own bow in less than 10 minutes(really!). Although in this one, I added yellow tulle  for an extra fancy element and attached a bobby pin in the back

I would also like to share this sweet video and song.

Have a great week



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PS: I just realized this bow is in the picture in the previous post! Sheer coincidence!